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Alan Walker - The Spectre

Видеоматериал от агентства: Alan Walker.
Просмотров: 689186330

My new single "Play" is out now! Check it out: https://orcd.co/p74y

Hope you guys like this track - it's a remake of the instrumental ”Spectre” that I released a few years ago. Some of you might recognize it as it’s been part of my live shows lately. It’s a song that I specifically want to dedicate to my core fans, who’ve been following me since the start. Excited to hear what you think, leave your comment in the section below!

Listen to ”The Spectre” on Spotify: http://spoti.fi/2xIFwSk

Listen to ”The Spectre” on iTunes: http://apple.co/2eBf4po

Listen to ”The Spectre” on Apple Music: http://apple.co/2vY3I0Y

Listen to "The Spectre" on Tidal: https://tidal.com/album/78173586

Listen to ”The Spectre” via other plattforms: https://AlanWalker.lnk.to/TheSpectre


Merch available at http://bit.ly/AlanWalkerMerch

Instagram: http://bit.ly/AlanWalker_Instagram

Facebook: http://bit.ly/AlanWalker_Facebook

Snapchat: http://bit.ly/AlanWalkerSnapchat

Twitter: http://bit.ly/AlanWalker_Twitter

Video credits:

Concept: MER

Director: Alexander Zarate Frez & Audun Notevarp

DOP: Alexander Zarate Frez & Lars Erik Steffensen

Editing: Alexander Zarate Frez

Motion Graphics & Grading: Audun Notevarp

Lighting: Kenneth Tangen

Choreography & dancing: Quick Style Studio (Arvin Go, David Leung, Jan Erik Santos, Jonas Storheim)


Hello, hello

Can you hear me

As I scream your name

Hello, hello

Do you need me

Before I fade away

Is this a place that I call home

To find what I've become

Walk along the path unknown

We live, we love, we lie

Deep in the dark

I don't need the light

There's a ghost inside me

It all belongs to the other side

We live, we love, we lie

Hello, hello

Nice to meet you

Voice inside my head

Hello, hello

I believe you

How can I forget

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